On the Road to iBPM Success – 5 Can’t-Miss Sessions

The government is evolving. Gone are the days when agencies could rely on silos, desktops or legacy systems. Now the government needs to be agile, connected and empowered. How do we get there? Intelligent business process management is the key to unlocking data and unifying the enterprise.

But knowing your agency needs to evolve and actually getting there are two totally different things.

“Right now it’s a seamless experience to go to Amazon and buy things. The site is able to recommend things for you,” said Eric Wu, a senior manager at Accenture. “We want citizens to have that same connected, engaging experience when they are trying to consume government services.”

So how do you start? Where do you start? And who should you ask?

On June 8-10th, Pega is hosting their PegaWORLD conference, geared toward changing the way government thinks. The three-day conference is the largest BPM conference in the world and features a wide variety of sessions – but there’s a special track for government employees that we have the inside scoop on. Want to attend? Psst – part of PegaWORLD is free for govies. Want to go? Get your free pass here.

If you’re a government employee, here are the five can’t-miss PegaWORLD sessions that you can attend.

  1. Industry Trends Panel: “In May of 2012, the White House released the Digital Government strategy that calls on agencies to deliver services to the government at a lower cost. The panel will explore why an agile approach is key to fulfilling the DGS agenda,” said Cathy Novak, an industry principal at Pegasystems. Panelists include:
    1. Steve Ressler, CEO and Founder, GovLoop
    2. Mitch Herkis, Director of Government Relations, NASCIO
    3. Jim Smith, State CIO, state of Maine
    4. Thomas Greiner, Accenture Federal Services Technology Growth Platform Lead, Accenture Federal Services
  2. The Government BPM Journey: “In order to create more efficiency in government the government needs to embrace better business software,” said Novak. “The panelists will talk about where their BPM journey started and where it is going.” Speakers include:
    1. Doug Averill, Director, BPM, state of Maine
    2. Setrag Khoshafian, Chief Evangelist and VP of BPM Technology, Pegasystems
    3. Dan Smith, Chief of Municipal Court Automated Systems, New Jersey Courts
    4. Chris Ruwoldt, Manager, Transport Operations, NSW Transport Management Centre
  3. Government Customer and Workforce Engagement: The panel will feature examples from the federal, state and local level and focus on bringing in best practices from the private sector to help engage across four generations of customers and workforce. Panelists include:
    1. Christine Calvosa, Chief Technology Officer, USDA
    2. Mr. Kris Valenta, Director of Special Projects, Texas Country and District Retirement System
    3. Jim Smith, State CIO, State of Maine
    4. Annette Rippert, Managing Director, Accenture Federal Services
  4. Accenture Federal Session, Transforming Government Services by Driving Towards a Case-Centric Approach: “Today, the lines are blurred technology-wise when trying to figure out how to implement the right digital government and customer centric initiatives,” said Wu. “The session will help the audience understand how case management plays a role and how the audience can re-think their problems within the context of the case.”
  5. Unifying Around Business Rules to Drive Agility in Government: “Collaboration is really king. Both Maine and New South Wales have done an excellent job of reusing common business rules and best practices to be leveraged across every agency,” said Novak. Speakers include:
    1. Chris Ruwoldt, Manager, Transport Operations, New South Wales Transport Management Centre
    2. Doug Averill, Director, BPM, state of Maine

“One of the goals of PegaWorld is for customers to hear about best practices and lessons learned directly from customers, including government and private sector examples,” said Novak.

>>>> PegaWorld is free to attend for all government employees for Government Day. Click here to register.

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