Open Data Around the World - Thoughts From France

I'm excited to be in Paris today where I randomly ran into an awesome Open Data conference hosted by Microsoft. Couple people reached out and said I should attend so here I am.

I'll continue to update as it evolves

Here's my live notes:

-Open data is going through a revolution. As important as the invention of writing.

-Open data is just one part of a revolution we are going through. We are going through transformation of publication techniques - internet, search, web 2.0. All new developments and all leads to transparency
-Need to enlarge access to data with economic partners and civil society - in a way citizens can contribute
-Data Publica - is a company focused on putting French data online

-3 pillars of gov 2.0 - open data, web 2.0 and change management

-Departments are siloed. Department of Streets vs Department of Water vs smart-grid. Need cross-services to make things work
-Guardian newspaper - started 5 years ago. Didn't think they'd actually win the campaign. Have access to much more data from govt. Publishing every item of spend over 500 pounds. Problem with data journalism - dont have the time to do the analysis and mashup even when reporters have the skills (which they usually dont). Turning more to outside groups to do the legwork

-UK - hoping for army of arm-chair auditors looking at public spending

-All of words can be translated into data and meta-data

-Data visualization is really where the rubber meets road and becomes useful

-Best is when mashing up public data with other data
-3D Data

Chris Moore

-Data belongs to people

-Have already paid for it - why try and sell it again

-Canadian gorup of 4 - Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton


-Open data removes silos within city

-Tech media get it, other media don't

-community engagement

-CIOs in government need to embrace the open ecosytem - its open data, open source

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