Overcoming an Unexpected Challenge: Telework and Knowledge Transfer

Excerpt from a new post at http://generationshift.blogspot.com:

I am a telework advocate.

In fact, I am a full-time teleworker that happens to be developing a 3-hour training workshop that motivates Federal managers to give their employees the chance to work remotely (and to telework themselves!).

As I have been preparing this course, I have delved into the diverse issues that prevent managers from implementing telework with their teams. You know the psychological barriers: distrust, information security concerns, perceived favoritism and the potential for reduced productivity. I hope the workshop is able to address these issues successfully and embolden managers to take the plunge into the world of telework.

There is one issue that I had not considered: the connection between telework and knowledge transfer.

For the full blog entry, please go to: http://generationshift.blogspot.com/2008/07/overcoming-unexpected-challenge.html

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Teri – thanks for the link! That’s a great article. Telepresence will change the way we work, no doubt, allowing us to be anywhere and yet remain visible to our colleagues.