Impact of the Generations and Web 2.0 on Government

Hello everyone,

I just learned about GovLoop today and joined immediately. What a great concept!

If you like Web 2.0 tools and are curious to learn more about the impact of the four generations on the Federal workforce, I would invite you visit my blog:

Look for a blog entry about GovLoop soon.

Glad to find you here!

Andrew P. Krzmarzick
Senior Project Coordinator
Graduate School, USDA

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Hi Andrew! One of the best mandatory trainings I took (and we all know how lame most of them are) was a video on the fact that we now have 4 generations in the workplace and what that means. It was by far the most meaningful and interesting thing the Forest Service has subjected me to. I’ve bookmarked your blog and look forward to reading your many posts as I have time. I’m also going to pass the link along to other FS employees who were equally interested in the subject!

Welcome to GovLoop, and I hope to see more posts from you in the future!

Andrew Krzmarzick

Thanks, “GeekChick!” If you liked that video, then you may be interested in a 3-hour workshop that I have been delivering called “Generation Shift: The Emerging Federal Workforce.” Seriously, I am not trying to “sell” here…just passing along information. I am meeting with someone from BLM on Friday to discuss the possibility of delivering it for their employees.

By the way, GREAT video (“Get Your Smokey On”) on the Forest Service home page: My contact at BLM happens to work in a building on the mall with a Smokey Bear statue…that will be one of the highlights of our conversation…especially after seeing the great clip. FS should post it on YouTube…it’s a great example of a video that should become viral…it’s got the retro vibe going for it – bringing Smokey to a new generation!