Phone Tips & Tricks: “Air Travel Etiquette”

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I travel a lot, and with every trip that I take, I notice the same thing over and over. From place to place and airport to airport, there are different versions of airport/airplane cell phone etiquette.

I’ve discussed this issue with fellow travelers and colleagues in the past, and there are many forms of cell phone airport/plane etiquette to consider. Based off of what I’ve heard from folks, here are a few tips and tricks to consider when using your phone while traveling:

-Text if possible: A short, “I made it to the gate” or “My flight is delayed” can easily be sent silently through a text message. It gets the point across in a discrete and polite way.

-Make the security line a “No Phone Zone”: Too many people hold up security lines while juggling their luggage with their cell phone conversations. Be sure to end calls and pause texting conversations until you get through the maze.

-Follow the noise: While making calls in your terminal, find a common seating area near restaurants that encourages conversation. Stay away from quiet gate seating. Worried about it being too noisy? I love using my ear buds to hear and be heard.

-Keep it quiet and brief: If you do need to talk at the gate keep your conversations short and your voice at a respectful level. When making phone calls on the plane, follow the same rules. If folks in row 5A can hear you in 35C, chances are your conversation is too loud.

What is your take on cell phone etiquette in the air?

Have any interesting or funny stories?

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Good tips above. I love the people who are talking so that you are certain to hear them – name dropping and/or talking about something that seems supremely important or juicy. Attention seekers, begging you to ask them about it or say how impressed you are with them…always chuckle at those folks.

And I’m always surprised at those same people who are giving away semi-proprietary information…never know when a competitor’s within earshot..