NIDA’s Cybershoutout about Drug Abuse

NIDA is running a pretty cool program today to shatter myths about Drug Abuse to gear up for next week’s National Drug Facts Week program. Much props to NIDA for a cool prgram – more info below

Shoutout To Shatter the Myths About Drug Abuse!

Today, I’m giving a shoutout to educate teens about drug abuse. Monday is the kickoff of the second annual National Drug Facts Week, and I’m joining teens, parents, teachers, and scientists to add my voice to spread a powerful message about drug abuse and addiction.

Sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), National Drug Facts Week is a national health observance for teens that aims to shatter the myths about drug abuse through online activities and community-based events.

Join the conversation today and shout out to the world about the dangers of drugs. It’s easy! Publish a post on your blog, Facebook profile, Twitter account—or wherever you see fit. When you choose to speak, you choose to act.

You can learn more about today’s CyberShoutout in support of National Drug Facts Week by visiting NIDA’s Sara Bellum Blog, which will post updates all day and recognize the voices of those who participate—Yours could be one of them!

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