Phone Tips & Tricks: BBM: It’s Not Just for the Kids.

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BlackBerry, aka the official phone of government. Govies all know and love their BlackBerries, but the one of my favorite parts of this phone is an application that can change the way govies communicate every day.

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)is an awesome tool that gives users a quick and easy way to send instant messages to each other. Best part? It’s free and unlike e-mail, users can carry on several conversations at the same time.

Imagine for a moment that you and a partner are pitching an idea or a project to your boss, or your boss’ boss. You are in New York and your partner is the main presenter in DC. As you listen, you realize you want to suggest a key point that he/she should make.

You pull out your handy BlackBerry, go to BBM and send your partner an instant message. Your message sends and is recieved without anyone being aware, point made, and the meeting moves on to your department’s advantage.

Or imagine running into heavy traffic on the way to a meeting and you know you are going to be late. You use BlackBerry Messenger to contact several colleagues at once with an update and your ETA. This loops everyone in, and they can all respond.

Below are just a few reasons why BBM is an awesome tool, and why you should definitely be using it if you aren’t already.

  • Carry on a real-time conversation with colleagues
  • Chat with a group.
  • Send and receive an unlimited number of messages worldwide without additional charges or plans
  • Keep your email inbox clear.
  • Let your contacts know your own availability for instant messaging, and in return, know when your contacts are available or busy.
  • Use other BlackBerry applications simultaneously while messaging.
  • Have the choice to be notified of a message for a particular person by assigning a specific ringtone or vibration setting to that individual.

So if you aren’t already using this awesome application, take advantage! It will change your life.

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