Social Media Leaderboard Rankings: US Airforce Facebook Page Ranked #1

Have you checked out the social media leader board yet? Where does your agency stack up? GovLoop developed the social media leader board by partnering with OhMyGov‘s analytics division.

I was playing around with the rankings options, it’s a good comparison of agency to agency on some simple social media metrics. This post we are going to focus on Facebook Fans. Once you select the metric you want to view, you can see the rankings based on the size of the agency (Large/Medium/Small).

Here are the current leaders from the Facebook Fans Category:

  • US Air Force (large)
  • West Point (medium)
  • J William Fulbright Foreign Service Board (small)

Agency Highlight: US Airforce Facebook Page

So why is the Air Force #1 today? I took a look at the Air Force Facebook Page and was impressed by the job they did. There are a lot of active discussions taking place and the site is monitored very well. Here are the Top 7 reasons why I think the Facebook Page Stands Out:

1. Customized and very well branded Fan Page

2. Clearly posts the terms of service for engagement on Facebook

3. Says who are the administrators of the site

4. Links to all social networks and US Airforce Sites

5. Allows Comments

6. Active Discussions

7. Mission centric, clear objectives about the site and the content posted

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Stephanie Slade

I met the guy who wrote the Air Force’s social media guidelines. They have become the gold standard and a lot of other agencies have borrowed this graphic and are using it as well. I think having a policy in writing that dictates how an org will interact with the public through social media (i.e., when to respond to negative comments and when not to) is huge.

Bill Kirst

Wow – this is great news! My IBM Strategic Communications Team helped build the Facebook page and presence for the Air Force Civil Engineering Community.

You can find it at: https://www.facebook.com/AirForceCE

We used a lot of the great work and lessons learned from the Air Force page administrators. Their social media guidelines were the cornerstone of our strategy and policy. Thanks guys! The Air Force CE page is a great resource that is used to share information across the enterprise and build community. We are very proud to have supported our client as they entered into the world of social media. Today it is going strong with over 4400 fans. They also used Twitter to support important conferences such as the Air Force Renewable Energy Industry Day.

Pat Fiorenza

Hey Bill thanks for you comments and feedback! I was really impressed with the Air Force Facebook page and the Air Force Civil Engineering Community page – great examples of Facebook pages for government. Keep it up! Always love hearing people sharing resources and building on experiences..