Phone Tips & Tricks: “How Many Bars do You Have?”

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Many of you might know this familiar scenario: You are talking on the phone with a friend and telling a really great story. You are talking and talking and then realize you haven’t heard your friend utter any “Uh huh’s” or “Oh wow’s” in a while. Then you realize it. You have been talking, essentially, to yourself for at least a minute. Why? The call was dropped. You look down and see no bars. Where did they go?

Here’s another one: You are in a crowded place or an area with little to no service. You need to make an important phone call, but literally have to search for better service.

Folks go to some pretty interesting heights to be able to make a phone call. I want to hear your best story.

-Are you a croucher who gets in the fetal position as close to the ground as possible to find service?

-A reacher who lifts their phone as high into the atmosphere as possible in order to be closer to the top of a cell phone tower?

-Do you do the cell service jig by moving briskly back and fourth to find that tiny space of service that somehow exists in front of you, and then behind you?

-Have you ever jumped into your car and driven to find better reception?

What is the craziest/most creative thing you’ve done to get cell phone coverage?

Share your stories below!

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