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GovLoop Newsletter – Fall Fellows, Times They Are A Changing

After launching GovLoop back in June 2008, I realized one of the best ways to keep people posted on the latest conversations was through a newsletter. So I started sending a weekly every Thursday with a few links to blogs, forums, new groups, etc.

As more and more of you started joining and sharing, we moved to 2 days per week – and I got a ton of positive feedback. So we got pretty fired up and decided to move to a Daily that features different topics every day: State/Local, Leadership/Project Management, Gov2.0, HR/Career and Fun.

Well – here we are 3.5 years later and I’ve got to admit something – I’ve had some pretty awesome people backing me up to make the daily newsletter happen every day from our awesome community manager Andy K to rock-star online producer Stephen Peteritas.

Well, we just brought on board 4 Fall Fellows and they’d like to make their mark in some specific areas….and I’ve asked them to watch the community and one day each week let me know what the best in their area. These fellows are absolute dynamos that are in the community pretty much 24/7 so they definitely have their ear to the ground as far as what the hottest posts are.

Here’s the run-down: Monday State and Local by Pat Foirenza. Pat has a MPA from the Maxwell School at Syracuse and since his on boarding has really pumped up GovLoop’s State and Local presence writing some great blogs and putting together our State and Local hub.

Tuesday Leadership and Project Management by David Reinbold. David is currently working on his masters at American University and has experience writing for publications like the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Wednesday Gov2.0 by Allison Primack. Allison spend the last summer running social media for an MP (Member of Parliament) over in the UK and definitely knows her way around the tech scene. She is also working on her MPA at GWU.

Thursday HR and Career by Stephen Peteritas and Andy Krzmarzick.

Friday Just For Fun by Paul Homan: Paul is in the last semester of his MPA at GWU and is the event coordinator for the grad school there, so needless to say he knows how to have fun.

So make sure to say hi and friend our new fellows. And let them know if you see a great post or discussion they should feature.

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Avatar photo Katelyn Keegan

I have only had the priviledge and opportunity to talk with Andy K and Paul H, but both of them are incredible and a true asset to the future of GovLoop! Thanks Guys (and Gals)!