Project Management in Government: GovLoop Sub-Community

What’s the most efficient and effective way to sharpen your
project and program management skills?

GovLoop’s Project Management Sub-Community is a solid starting point.

Learn and Grow

Consider bookmarking that page and use it in those on-the-job moments when you’ve got a question at work or have an idea or success story you want to share. Hit “Ask a Question” or “Write a Post” to get going.

Here’s a quick orientation to the rest of the page:

We’ve pulled all the project management-related blogs on GovLoop into one place:

What problems are you and your peers facing in project management? Help each other here:

Each week, we pick our 10 favorite jobs to make your search process a lot easier:

You likely already have several favorite sites you frequent to get leadership insights. Well, we’ve scoured the web and put them all in one place!

Finally, we wanted to make it easy for you to find specific groups that relate to your area of expertise:

Expert Facilitators
We’ve also asked several experts to help us in posting great information and answering your questions. Meet (and friend them) below:

Josh Nankivel

Project Manager


Bill Brantley

HR Specialist

Office of Personnel Management

Deb Green

Program Manager, Federal

Aviation Administration, IdeaHub

What do you think? How can we make GovLoop your daily destination, your go-to resource around issues in program and project management?

Provide your feedback below or in this open thread.

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