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Project of the Week: GSA’s Data Center Services

There’s a lot of talk about data center consolidation in government these days, including an interactive data center map announced by Federal CIO Vivek Kundra last week. With all of the proposed changes, we thought it would be useful to highlight the services being offered by GSA. Check out our interview below.

1. Provide a brief project overview

The Data Center Services solution includes a suite of products and services available through GSA contract vehicles that enable a range of data center services, including performance optimization, security, and energy efficiency.

The Data Center Services solution comprises five offering categories:

  • Data Center Architecture
  • Operations
  • Hosting
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Storage

By leveraging our cross-portfolio capabilities, the Data Center Services solution enables agencies to access innovative technology while addressing government mandates, meeting sustainability goals, reducing energy and operation costs, and promoting the security of government data.

GSA’s Data Center Services solution is closely related to and makes use of our Cloud Computing, Sustainability, and Cybersecurity solutions.

2. What was the impetus for the project? What problem are you solving?

The Data Center Services solution was developed in response to increased customer demand as well as recent government mandates and executive orders, including:

  • The Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative
  • OMB’s “25-Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal Information Technology Management” (e.g. Cloud-First policy)
  • GSA’s Zero Environmental Footprint
  • Executive Order 13514 on Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance
  • Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative

3. Who are the key stakeholders? Who benefits?

All agencies are facing the pressures of reducing costs, consolidating data centers, improving cybersecurity, and optimizing energy use. We designed the Data Center Services solution to help agencies meet these challenges with faster, cheaper, and less risky procurements, using GSA’s existing pre-competed contracts. GSA wants to be the primary acquisition partner for budget-conscious agencies interested in Data Center Services solutions.

4. Any lessons learned or advice you’d have for your colleagues pursuing a similar project?
In surveying and mapping our data center services offerings, we are moving toward focusing on the capabilities and solutions our customers need and away from thinking in terms of the contracts we offer.

By integrating all the Data Center Services products and services available on our contracts into a single solution, GSA has increased collaboration internally and worked with agencies to develop offerings tailored specifically to their needs.

What is your agency, state or city doing to consolidate data centers?

Project Contact:

Name: Mary Davie, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Integrated Technology Services (ITS)

Email: [email protected]

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