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Government Prepares for the New IP: Insights from the Federal Forum 2015

Last month at the Federal Forum in Washington, D.C., I joined Brocade’s industry partners and the government’s leading IT decision makers to discuss how new, exciting technologies are changing the way our government serves the American citizenry, enables warfighters and meets the demands of a growing list of stakeholders. We heard from an impressive groupRead… Read more »

Planning the Data Center of the Future Requires More than Technology Alone

Agencies today are being asked to do a lot with their data. With information generated by new sources – from social media outlets to mobile devices – agencies must store, monitor, organize, access, and, most importantly, make sense of data in a way that allows them to best serve the American citizenry. The data centerRead… Read more »

Should the way the internet works, matter to you? – Part Two

Why should anyone care where the internet comes from? You log on to your computer daily, hourly, minutely. But do you know where the data is streaming from? Or how it works? Do you even care? Journalist Andrew Blum explained to the Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER program, why you should care about where theRead… Read more »

A Journey to the Center of the Internet – Part One

Ever wonder where your Internet comes from or where it goes when it leaves your living room? After a squirrel took a bite out of his home internet cable, Journalist Andrew Blum decided to go on a mission to find where the internet is located. Seriously. His goal was to find the physical space thatRead… Read more »

Project of the Week: GSA’s Data Center Services

There’s a lot of talk about data center consolidation in government these days, including an interactive data center map announced by Federal CIO Vivek Kundra last week. With all of the proposed changes, we thought it would be useful to highlight the services being offered by GSA. Check out our interview below. 1. Provide aRead… Read more »