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How Do You Build an Incredible Professional Network?

A couple years ago, I had a chance to present to some Department of Energy interns on the topic of “Understanding and Utilizing Your Network.” I borrowed ideas from two books: “Good in a Room” and “Never Eat Alone” to offer well over a dozen tips on how to build and leverage a professional network using both in-person and online tools.

Now I’m excited to tell you about a FREE online training that GovLoop and Young Government Leaders are hosting next Thursday, June 23 at 12 Noon called “Get That Gov Gig: How To Market Yourself in a Tricky Job Environment.”


Here’s the description:

Landing your next great gig in government takes many skills. One of them is knowing how to “market” yourself using all the tools at your disposal – from online to in-person social networking skills. Many job hunters overlook the “hidden” market by not keeping their “A” game on target all the time, leveraging every tool available. This free, one-hour online training will teach you how to:

  • Search for jobs using hot spots on the web where recruiters are posting opportunities (beyond USAJOBS)
  • Connect with the right people in your field who are influential in hiring decisions
  • Nurture your network to make sure you’re bringing value to your peers and potential hiring agents.

Marketing yourself is not just about finding the next gig, but supporting your overall career development. Sign up to learn more.

Our special guest speaker is no stranger to GovLoop – Kathleen Smith, the Chief Marketing Officer for ClearedJobs.net, is a regular blogger on the subject of career advancement. Here’s what she says in her LinkedIn bio:

I started with ClearedJobs.Net as a consultant in 2001 and became the full Marketing Office in 2005 to reshape the brand, logo and some of the products. My team both those who work for me and those I work for are phenomenal. We all care about our customers both the job seekers and the employers. This is a community built on relationships and we are very excited about what we do within the community. We are very involved with the military community both in training, serving and volunteering. I have the opportunity to work with great groups like AFCEA NOVA and develop the Military Government Transition Seminars. I am currently working on enhancing more of our social networking for the job seekers, employers and our military members.

So it’s a great topic with an outstanding presenter – and I look forward to seeing you next Thursday!


In advance of the online training, I wanted to ask:

What are your tips and tricks for bridging virtual and traditional networking tools to build a broad list of professional contacts?

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Kathleen Smith

One hint would be to delve into the topic of #LurkLikeTalk which is a key topic among recruiters and marketers these days.