Public Servants: Who Do You Want a Thank You From?

It’s Public Service Recognition Week but due to budget cuts there is no awesomeness on the Mall like previous years. BUT Gov’t leaders are stepping up in other ways to make public servants feel the love.

This morning the Washington Post posted a video of First Lady Michelle Obama giving a shout out to public servants. Also the paper had an open letter to public servants signed by most agency heads.There are several other efforts out there this week to make public servants feel the love.

Here’s my favorite quote from the WaPost piece:

“Through good times and bad, government employees face tough challenges in their work on behalf of the American people,” the letter says. “While the need for vital government services continues to grow, we increasingly ask our public servants to do more with less. With sincere appreciation for their important contributions and sacrifice, for putting service before self, please join us in saying thank you.”

As a Public Servant if you could have anyone thank you this week via video, hand shake or whatever who would you want it to be?


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Jeffrey Levy

What Gwynne said. Major public leaders thanking me doesn’t really do a whole lot for me. I mean, they have to say those things.

But when someone thanks me on FB after I answer their question about radiation from Japan? That makes it all worthwhile.