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Putting Constituents First: Call Centers That Improve Customer Service

Long wait times, multiple transfers to get to the “right” person, and unsatisfying responses are leaving constituents dissatisfied with the service experience provided to them by government agencies. This is of course, in stark contrast with how they’re used to being treated in the private sector.   

With an estimated 10 billion visits to government websites annually, a mere 12 percent of those visitors say that digital government services are meeting their needs.   

Why is it so hard for agencies to replicate the level of service of a private company? Tight budgets and outdated technology are putting a crimp in government’s ability to provide efficient support.   

Modernized call centers based in the cloud make it possible for agencies to cater to their constituents. This type of call center lets customers access their information, submit digital applications and track the progress of their inquiries or forms online. On the back end, agency service providers can use the cloud call center as a one-stop shop for acting on all requests and interactions across their teams, improving productivity, efficiency and collaboration.  

To learn more about how a modernized cloud call center can help deliver better customer service and offer more personalized interactions for citizens, take a look at this playbook. You can also read up on case studies from Chicago and New Mexico on how modern call centers have led to higher customer satisfaction. 

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