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Records and Information Management FOSE Track 2012 – Register Today for Discount

I am looking forward to attending the FOSE Conference April 3-5 in Washington DC. This is the final post in a blog series highlighting the 2012 conference tracks. Throughout this week I have been highlighting one of the tracks and provide some insights on what you can expect to see at FOSE 2012. The five tracks for the event are Cybersecurity, Cloud and Virtualization, Mobile, Defense Innovations and Records and Information Management. The final track to be highlighted is Records and Information Management.

Too often we forget how much digital information and data we collect throughout the day. Every time we take a photo, create a document, tweet, and post on Facebook, we create data. This session will explore how much data we create and how to manage the large volumes of data. By attending this session, you’ll learn about federal agencies Records Information Management initiatives and how you can implement or improve your current strategy:

As the volume of digital information has exploded in recent years, the scope of electronic records management has expanded dramatically. Records and information management (RIM) initiatives have become priorities as agencies strive to provide secure storage, access, and retrieval of electronic information. Government mandates and a Presidential Memorandum have fueled the development of new policies and procedures, and naturally agencies are looking to leverage technologies, both existing and emerging. Learn from others who have implemented successful RIM programs, and take advantage of their experiences in compliance, change management, best practices, technology innovation, and all aspects of records management.

One session that I’d like to highlight is called Innovating Your Way to Managing Information and Records:

RM 2-6 Innovating Your Way to Managing Information and Records

04/05/2012, 11:15 AM – 12:30 PM

Avi Bender: Chief Technology Officer, Census Bureau, Department of Commerce

Alan Linden (Moderator): Senior Technology Consultant, Electronic Image Designers

Bucky Methfessel: Senior Counsel for Information and Technology, Department of Education

Catherine Teti: Chief Agency Privacy Officer. Government Accountability Office

Newer technologies can both challenge and enhance any RIM program. Learn a few do’s and dont’s from industry professionals that have employed new technology trends such as autocategorization, social media, Microsoft SharePoint, the cloud, and other innovative technologies and techniques.

Learning Objectives:

  • Better understand the use of innovative technologies to support RIM.
  • Hear about the impact of cloud and mobile technologies, social media, autocategorization, and other initiatives on RIM efforts.
  • Identify both the positive and negative aspects of using innovative technologies to support your RIM efforts.

The Records and Information Management will allow you to learn, connect, and share best practices with people who have developed Records and Information Management initiatives.

To register for FOSE 2012, please follow this link and provide GovLoop as your discount code.

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