7 Elements of Human Centric IT

Government IT leaders and knowledge workers are faced with the task to make smarter decisions at faster speeds and with fewer resources. As the government IT landscape continues to change, agencies must focus on human-centric IT solutions to improve their business functions. This means crafting IT systems that connect people to process to transform service delivery.

GovLoop has partnered with Pegasystems to develop the infographic below. The infographic, Defining Human-Centric IT, will walk you through this new model of governance and highlight the benefits of a human-centric design. This is the way forward for government and is rapidly changing the role of the public sector employee and leading to improved services for citizens.

The emerging human-centric IT model is the next evolution for government agencies. This model allows government to be more responsive and proactive to citizen and operation needs. This all starts with smart investment decisions and adopting specialized solutions for business needs. The infographic charts out two paths you can take as an agency.

Dead End Ahead: Traditionalist

Choosing not to become an innovative agency and not exploring new ways to do business is not an option for government. The path below shows the direct consequences of failing to leverage emerging technology and make smart investment decisions. The current model of government is not longer sustainable, and a road that government simply cannot afford to travel.

The New Frontier: Transformers

Agencies who choose this route are planning for and expecting change. One example is smart processes applications, which allows government to mange the flow of structured and unstructured data, providing new insights to improve service delivery. Following the Transformers path will guide you on how to become a transformative agency. At each stopping point, you’ll see a best practice and can also view case studies related to wise technology decisions. Your journey to become a transformative agency starts today.

As you travel down both paths, you will clearly see the transformers path is the way to go. It’s a more direct, faster and streamlined route, helping agencies to build for change. Explore the infographic below to learn about the 7 elements of a human-centric IT model.

To navigate the interactive infographic, simply use the control panel at the bottom of the infographic viewer. You can also use your mouse – just use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out, and then click and drag to navigate around the screen. Additionally, the infographic and all of its interactive features are optimized for viewing on your smartphone or tablet. Don’t forget to click on the four government case studies, highlighting agencies that are building for change and innovators in the public sector.


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