Accelerating Government Transformation with IT

Everywhere government looks, budgets are shrinking. Federal government’s IT spending will be cut by $2.4 billion in 2015. State and local governments will also suffer decreases in IT and support service budgets. Contrast that to IT spending in the private sector, which is predicted to increase to $3.8 trillion as technology companies continue to offer better services.

But despite their budget differences, we must remember that the private and the public sectors still operate in the same universe. The same customers who can do banking, buy a TV, or book a vacation online, are also looking for the same level of service delivery from government agencies, whether they are applying for a business permit or doing taxes.

So where does that leave the public sector? How can the federal government look at digital innovation? What are the next steps?

That’s why GovLoop has partnered with Appian, a company that delivers innovative business applications for smarter decisions and faster actions, to create this research brief about digital governance solutions. Together, we explore the benefits and challenges of adopting digital business processes. Specifically, this research brief will:

  • Share results from a survey of 178 public-sector professionals
  • Identify common hurdles with digital transformation deployments
  • Provide a successful case study from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
  • Include expert commentary from Chris O’Connell, Vice President of Public-Sector Sales at Appian
  • Give you insight on how Appian can help you adopt modern BPM solutions


Read the report below, or download a PDF

Our report finds that 60 percent of respondents said they want improved application functionality, and 51 percent want improved capture of business requirement capabilities. And although our community has clearly expressed the desire to modernize, only 4 percent believe their agency is currently “highly successful” when it comes to executing on process and technology changes.

“IT modernization is about business transformation,” said Chris O’Connell, Vice President of Public-Sector Sales at Appian. “But IT modernization for its own sake is not valuable; it must be focused on what you’re trying to accomplish from an agency perspective. What it comes down to is about changing the agency’s business model.”

Without focusing on how to transform their business through effective IT, agencies will not be able to meet the increasing demands of citizens and stakeholders. Our research brief explores how.

If you’re interested in learning more about this report and Appian, be sure to view our on-demand online training: Digitally Powered Government: The Way Forward.