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Driving Innovation and Compliance: Why AI-Powered Automation Is Crucial for Federal Data Management Strategies

Data management has become a critical aspect of operations across the federal government in the digital age. The sheer volume of data generated daily requires efficient and effective management tools. Enter artificial intelligence (AI)-powered automation, a catalyst for enhanced data management and governance in government.

To Help the Public, Give Your Own Staff Better Digital Tools

One very impactful way to improve public service delivery is to create tools to help operational staff do their jobs more effectively or efficiently.

Combined Applications Can Help Bring a Human-Centered Approach to Public Services

Allowing people to apply for multiple programs using one application can provide a much simpler and easier experience of accessing government services.

How Agencies Can Reduce the Digital Transformation Burden on IT Teams

Digital transformation has made IT administration more complicated. But state and local IT leaders can overcome the burdensome complexity by evaluating on-the-ground impacts and monitoring both individual aspects of the transformation and what’s happening enterprisewide.