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Answering the Most Challenging Data Management Questions

Today, instead of folders and paper, information is stored, accessed and secured electronically, and it’s housed in high-tech data centers. Even though it’s on a server instead of thrown onto a stack, much like the old days, government data can still get lost in the abyss. In the digital age, government agencies are producing and consuming unfathomable amounts and types of data. But as they don’t always know what to do with it, the vast majority of data is unorganized.

Given new technological capabilities, it doesn’t have to be that way, and that’s where a data governance strategy comes in. Data governance provides a comprehensive strategy for information storage, security and analysis. With the right data management solutions, organizations can turn data from a morass of indecipherable zeroes and ones into important, usable assets that open new windows for mission growth.

To ascertain the best ways for agencies to govern their masses of data, GovLoop partnered with data management providers Veritas and ThunderCat Technology to produce this report. In it, we highlight strategies and solutions that government agencies have successfully put into place to realize and protect the potential of their data.