Building Digital Workspaces to Meet the Needs of a Changing Government Workforce

No longer can government employees be expected to tackle all of their responsibilities from a desk chair. Now, everything from emails to data-heavy applications needs to be available from anywhere – at any time and on any device.

While governments streamlining workflow processes for employees makes their lives easier, the choice to virtualize isn’t one of convenience. Agencies have to virtualize to keep pace with accelerating citizen demands, which are molded by an increasing dependence on technology in day-to-day life. Adding to the technology conundrum are IoT and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs that agencies are expected to adopt but might not have the bandwidth for. Lastly, legacy systems also pose grave security risks to agencies.

In our new report, GovLoop partnered with Citrix to examine how agencies can overcome these common workplace challenges through virtualization and digital workspaces.