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PDFs Don’t Fit Into Gov Strategies for a Modern Digital Experience

Government agencies make ample use of PDFs, but it’s an inhospitable format for low-vision users, people who use screen readers, and individuals who access government websites via mobile devices. PDFs do not, in other words, make government more accessible.

Improved Operations, Smarter Government: AI-Powered Automation to Enhance IT and Application Delivery

AI-powered automation is transforming various aspects of government operations, IT, and application delivery. Government agencies are using AI-powered automation to help with mission delivery, to build resilience, to upskill employees, and enhance trust in government.

Winners of 13th Annual Granicus Digital Government Awards Announced

Granicus has just announced the winners of its 2023 Digital Government Awards — recognizing state and local agencies that excelled in seven award categories: Changemaker, Community Engagement, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Operational Efficiency, Trust & Transparency, and Website of the Year.

To Help the Public, Give Your Own Staff Better Digital Tools

One very impactful way to improve public service delivery is to create tools to help operational staff do their jobs more effectively or efficiently.

2023 Granicus Digital Government Awards Now Open for Nominations

Starting May 1 through June 15, public sector organizations across all levels of government in North America can nominate individuals, teams or projects within seven categories to recognize excellence in communications, service delivery and digital transformation.