Connecting the Mission of the Defense Department to You: In Brief

The Trump administration appears poised to give the Pentagon as much as $54 billion in increased funding in FY 2018. At the same time, former Defense Secretary Ash Carter has urged his successor, Gen. James Mattis, to continue important initiatives for the future of the Defense Department including:

  • Force of the Future
  • Joint Information Environment (JIE)
  • Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx)
  • United States Cyber Command (CYBERCOM)

In this in brief, you’ll learn the pulse of today’s DoD employee, how the DoD workforce is prepping for the future and the rationale behind the four main initiatives moving into 2018.

By gaining a clearer understanding of these four initiatives, you can grasp how they affect DoD employees and the public sector. You can also better navigate the future of DoD under a transitioning administration.

Want to learn more? Check out this 90-second video by Government Matters.