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Creating an Intelligent Government With Data

Imagine a world where government solves our biggest problems with evidence. In that world, agencies deliver on their missions to provide, protect and prosper – and there’s a strong trust between citizens and government.

To get there, governments need to share data across agencies, embrace emerging technologies and work directly with their constituents to rebuild trust and place citizens and their needs at the center of their efforts.

In this new e-book, we explain how leading governments can focus on integrating data across departments to turn it into actionable information for analytics-based, transparent and accountable decisions.

Download the new ebook to explore:

-Current statistics about the state of data in government.
-How North Carolina Deputy Chief Data Officer John Correllus and Deputy Assistant Commissioner and Data Executive at the Dept. of Treasury, Justin Marsico are embracing analytics to make their agencies more effective and efficient.
-The tools and technologies enabling agencies like yours to be intelligent and data-driven.