Customer Service 101: Breaking Down What You Need to Know

The most successful companies not only meet but exceed our expectations for timely, personalized and professional services. For them, good customer service is good business. If this is true in the corporate world, why should government be any different?

If you think about it, government is a collection of many small and large enterprises that provide a range of vital services, such as emergency response, social services, benefits, health care and much more. In many ways, the taxpayers who fund these services are much like the paying customers who do business with the Ubers and Airbnbs of the world.

Although many government employees treat citizens like customers, part of the challenge is figuring out how to improve upon what they’re already doing.

That’s why we have this guide — to help you overcome those hurdles. Whether you’re new to government or you are a long-tenured public servant, this quick resource guide will help you better understand customer service excellence, including what it means, what it entails, who’s doing it well and practical tips to improve the experience for all customers.

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