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Why Data is Your Most Critical Asset

Based on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, the Mayan culture is home to one of Earth’s most unpredictable climates. The area is prone to both extreme drought and torrential rain. To prepare for prolonged periods without rain, the Mayans had to think of an innovative way to collect, manage and store their most precious asset: water.

The Mayans created an advanced system of reservoirs called chultuns and wells called cenotes. This system provided a consistent water supply to Mayans and allowed them to irrigate crops and access water year round.

Like the Mayans, government today must capitalize on its most precious resource: data. Leaders must understand how to harvest data and turn it into actionable solutions. In doing so, they can help transform our communities, improve our standard of living and create a more vibrant and engaged society. But government leaders must first understand the power of big data to change the business of government and provide deeper context and insights to enrich government services.

In this report, we will provide an overview of the current state of big data and the opportunity that big data analysis presents for government. Leveraging insights from the GovLoop community, we’ll seek to explore how agencies can capitalize on their most important asset: data. Specifically, our big data report explores :

  • Government case studies from big data leaders
  • Defines big data and insights on its applications
  • Best practices to get started with data
  • Interviews with public sector thought leaders on big data

GovLoop and IBM Guide Series Overview

In partnership with IBM®, GovLoop is conducting a four-part guide series, The Journey to Big Data and Analytics Adoption. Our report will emphasize how big data has transformed government agencies and help you set a road map for adopting big data solutions. Here’s what to expect in each chapter of our report.

These four chapters will help in your journey to adopt big data analysis. Let’s start by exploring an important theme: why data is your most critical asset.


The IBM Analytics Solution Center (ASC) is part of a network of global analytics centers that provides clients with the analytics expertise to help them solve their toughest business problems. Check out their Analytics to Outcomes group on GovLoop.