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Digital Content Security: Breaking Down What You Need to Know

There’s no doubt that everywhere we go in the world today, we are fully entrenched in the digital age. Just look at the smartphone in your hand for confirmation. The federal government is feeling the effects of this change as well, and working to keep pace. Digital-first mandates from the government are driving the public sector’s move away from paper documents and toward electronic ones.

From a technological perspective, the digital world is the government’s oyster. Plenty of tools and solutions are available to help this transition. But one major challenge is keeping digital content, especially sensitive information, more secure in a time of increased cyberthreats and a proliferation of ways to access this data and content.

Today, security concerns must be addressed in every element of the content lifecycle. Indeed, technology is a beautiful thing, but it’s not perfect. The data and networks that work behind the scenes to make those smartphones so smart may be revolutionizing communications, business transactions and government operations, but they’re also a potential content security risk.

This pocket guide from GovLoop will look at content security practices in the public sector, why it matters, government rules and regulations related to digital data and its security and current challenges in this area. We’ll also provide tips and tricks that you can apply to help make content at your agency more secure today and in the future.