Ensuring Readiness to Move Into the Cloud

The journey to cloud technologies is constantly changing. For government, it is getting more complex, with more critical risks. After moving the low-hanging fruit – small workloads or institutional applications – into the cloud, agencies are focusing on migrating larger, more mission-critical applications. Leaders want to create better user experience, improve performance, improve reliability and enhance security for their most important tasks– and cloud provides those possibilities.

That means that agencies have the potential to get even greater benefits from cloud, but it also means that there is greater risk if a migration fails.

Govplace, a government technology solutions and integration services provider, helps agencies avoid those risks as they place more of their mission-centric workloads in cloud environments. As Govplace Chief Technology Officer Majed Saadi explained in a recent interview with GovLoop, that assistance is often necessary for government. Industry can bring critical commercial guidance to support these migrations and enhance agencies’ ability to succeed in these efforts the first time.

While many IT leaders are effectively managing current systems, the nuances of cloud configuration and operation are challenging for any leader to understand and apply.

In this industry perspective, we examine how agencies should inspect their application portfolios, surrounding infrastructure and organizational dynamics to ensure they’re ready to make an effective move to cloud. We also explain steps agencies can take when their readiness assessments show their workloads or workforce aren’t quite prepared to start their cloud journey.

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