Federal Ransomware: A Rising Threat

This 10-minute online course contains three self-paced lessons:

  • Lesson 1: The Risk of Ransomware [2:22]
  • Lesson 2: Federal Fears About Ransomware [2:04]
  • Lesson 3: Repelling and Recovering From Ransomware [3:27]

If you haven’t heard of ransomware yet, you will. Ransomware is more than just malicious software – it’s a dangerous cyberthreat that can cost your agency millions of dollars. Even worse, ransomware can disrupt crucial public services that citizens rely on daily.

In three lessons, we’ll discuss what ransomware is and which three forms agencies usually encounter it in. You’ll also hear about recent survey data that explains what impact ransomware has had on agencies from the top down. Finally, we’ll share three steps that can help your agency prepare for, withstand and survive ransomware no matter its size.

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