Fostering True Collaboration in Government

The future of government relies on finding ways to effectively collaborate among stakeholders. But how can government achieve that future amid the current landscape of technology silos, cultural aversions to sharing and processes that promote static handoffs over collaboration? This guide explores four tactics to transform the way government operates, including:

-Sharing across departments and agencies to ensure that decisions and practices are based on as much information as possible

-Partnering across government and with the private sector to pool resources and knowledge

-Connecting an increasingly global and tech-reliant workforce with common processes and tools

-Training a diverse array of employees to promote collaboration and a shared understanding of challenges

To foster these interactions, many agencies will have to reimagine the culture of government, while also investing in new processes and tools. This guide uses analysis and first-person interviews with current government leaders to examine how to effectively deploy those tactics to foster collaboration. Government’s future lies in collaboration. This guide will help you start working toward effective collaboration at your agency.