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Collaborating for a Better Constituent Experience

Collaboration is a common theme in government today because it can increase employee productivity, improve communication, enhance resource sharing and even cut costs. But in a drive to achieve these results, many collaboration projects forget the ultimate objective of government: serving citizens. Learn how you can marry efficiency and results with high-quality constituent services.

Promoting Government Efficiency Through Citizen Engagement

As the private sector interacts with citizens in increasing innovative ways, the public has come to expect the same level of engagement from the government. Granicus is making it easier for citizens to connect with government data and information by streamlining and digitizing necessary processes.

How Governments Can Expand their Web Strategy with Video & Mobile Reach

Hear how the City of Alexandria is leveraging Granicus technology to take their web strategy to the next level through online video. Justin Thompson, the Communications Content Manager for the City of Alexandria, which was recently recognized for having one of the Top 10 “Digital City” government websites by eRepublic, wrote a great blog post… Read more »

Get government transparency video solutions for less! Special discounts on Granicus products.

We realize that government agencies are running on tight budgets these days. To help mitigate this, Granicus is offering a limited-time offer that will give you access to the most popular and most reliable array of government transparency, efficiency, and citizen collaboration solutions being used by over 850 government agencies—for less! Already, we offer the… Read more »

Granicus Releases iLegislate to Help Elected Officials Stay Cost-Effective on the iPad

Using iPads in government meetings is not a new idea, however, it’s one that many agencies are grappling with. How do you justify this purchase? How can they be used to actually promote productivity while saving tax payer dollars? Granicus wanted to develop an app to reduce governments dependency on paper in the legislative process… Read more »