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The Foundation for Data Innovation: The Enterprise Data Hub

Centrally managing data has long been a goal for IT managers. Now, with emerging technology and improvements to the way data can be stored and hosted, centrally managing data is finally a reality for organizations. As such, more and more agencies have been adopting an architecture – known as the enterprise data hub (EDH) – as the spot to consolidate and store data.

In this report, GovLoop explores the power of the EDH for public sector organizations. We spoke with the following four industry experts to help us understand how the EDH is transforming data management for government:

  • Matthew Carroll, General Manager of 42six
  • Joey Echeverria, ‎Public Sector Chief Architect at Cloudera
  • Erin Hawley, Director, National Security Programs, Cloudera
  • Webster Mudge, Senior Director of Technology Solutions at Cloudera

With the EDH, data can be stored in its original fidelity, integrated with existing infrastructures and supporting the flexibility needed for various kinds of workloads – such as batch processing, interactive SQL, enterprise search and advanced analytics.

Unlike in the past, today this can be done with the proper data protections, governance, security and management needs required by your agency. Powered by Apache Hadoop™ , agencies can now capitalize on the ability to leverage their data in transformative ways.

By adopting an EDH architecture, an organization has made the commitment to become information driven. This means they understand that data is the key to remaining economically viable in an increasingly competitive marketplace. “We even talk about [data] as a raw material, like steel and electricity,” said Webster Mudge, Senior Director of Technology Solutions at Cloudera.

To learn about how your agency can capitalize on this raw material, be sure to read our latest report.



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