The Future of Public Sector Cloud Services: IT-as-a-Service

There’s no denying that the information technology industry is evolving in the public sector. New systems and skills are making the government more efficient and effective.

But the evolution is about more than just equipment and networks. Innovative models for managing IT are also emerging to help with these advancements. One model that is gaining traction among government agencies is Information Technology-as-a-Service (ITaaS).

ITaaS means running IT more like a business and improving IT production for business consumption. It’s the meeting place of the IT and business departments at agencies. Historically separate entities, the two are finding they need to work together more than ever to be sure that customer value is still top of mind as the IT department adds automation and digitization through cloud computing, virtualization and mobility.

ITaaS appeals to agencies under budgetary constraint because of its focus on attaining measurable goals and for pay-as-you-go pricing structures that enable the government to pay for services only when they need them. Download this new resource to learn more.

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