Gaining Visibility and Control

Continuing to deliver services with reduced resources, doing more with less, is a fact of life for government IT leaders. The federal government’s information technology spending budget was cut by $2.4 billion in 2015 while state and local governments also suffered decreases in IT and support service budgets. Contrast that to IT spending in the private sector, which is increasing even as you read this to $3.8 trillion, allowing companies to continue to offer better services by leveraging technology.

The public sector faces other IT problems, too: prioritization obstacles and slow delivery of services. All the while, citizen expectations grow exponentially.

Despites their budget differences, the private and public sectors still operate in the same universe of customer expectations. The same customers who bank, buy a television or book a vacation online are looking for an equivalent level of service and user experience from government agencies.

So where does that leave the public sector? How can the federal government improve optimization and prioritization as well as visibility and control? What are the next steps?

Many officials are turning to better IT operations management to help satisfy these needs. IT operations management solutions consolidate resource data from across the enterprise— including virtualized and cloud environments — into a single system of record. This approach provides visibility system performance, allows for automation of key processes and delivers a service-centric approach to operations management.

Citizens are counting on agencies and IT departments to deliver new services faster — and to keep them running. But limited visibility into services and the dependencies that support them could stand between you and those goals. IT operations management can help.

That’s why GovLoop has partnered with ServiceNow, a company that delivers service-aware operations agility, performance and availability, to deliver this research brief.

Specifically, this research brief will:

  • Share results from a survey of 341 public-sector professionals on IT operations management and perception.
  • Explain how streamlined IT operations help you align with mission need.
  • Include expert commentary from Bob Osborn, Chief Technology Officer, Federal, ServiceNow.
  • Give you insight on how ServiceNow can help you adopt better IT operations management.

Today, government officials must think differently about IT operations management and how to modernize it. It is more critical than ever for government entities to implement the right operations management system to help prioritize the goals they must achieve to better serve citizens.

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