Getting into Government: A Guide for High Achievers

You work hard in school, in your extracurriculars, and at your job. You never pass up an opportunity to meet new people and learn more. You have big dreams. You’re a high achiever, and now you want to land the perfect government job. You have come to the right place!

This guide is all about getting into government. It provides you with the resources, tips, and even a few tricks to navigate the maze of public service jobs. We’ll help you find and get the government job of your dreams.

To inform our research, we interviewed and surveyed current government interns, federal agency hiring managers and college career counselors to get their tips on how to break through the barriers and land your first government gig. We also extracted some great advice from other government career-related books out there.

As we learned from our research, it’s not easy to sort through the various vacancies, translate the job descriptions into plain English and know when and how to contact agency officials as you move through the government hiring process. This guide breaks down the process to help you get into government.