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Which Government Agencies Should You Target for Your Job Search?

Contrary to popular belief, the federal government is not a monolithic mass. Rather, federal organizations differ from one another almost as much as do private organizations—each distinguished by its own culture, work environment, budgetary and IT resources and varied factors that influence how quickly employees ascend the career ladder.  Even agencies and offices within theRead… Read more »

Industrial Organizational Psychologists in Goverment

While the government is busy running the country, industrial organizational (I/O) psychologists are running the government. This rising field of applied psychology is an exciting profession that marries traditional psychology with logistical applications. Projected to grow 53% over the next decade with a 2012 median pay of $83,580, working behind-the-scenes to ensure the government’s efficacyRead… Read more »

6 Awesome Government Jobs

Government jobs get a bad rap for putting employees behind a mountain of paper in a desolate land of poorly lit cubicles. Admittedly, those jobs do exist. However, the federal government also has a few opportunities that let you jump out of a plane, explore our national parks, or even hang out with lions. Six of theseRead… Read more »

“I Am Public Service” – Ebook is Released!

Greetings! Steve Ressler and I are pleased to announce the release of our first ebook entitled, “I Am Public Service: Great Work in Our Own Words.” The book highlights and honors – in their own words – the great work of 34 public servants. In the ebook, you’ll read stories about people like: Vladimir Diaz:Read… Read more »