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How Artificial Intelligence Combats Fraud and Cyberattacks

Government data is growing exponentially. Its volume, velocity and variety require advanced data analytics capabilities to empower informed decision-making, but many agencies are unequipped to manage such a largescale task.

Behind the scenes, federal agencies use metadata and data analysis to detect fraud, waste and abuse of federal programs and citizen services. Understanding and acting on these analytical insights derived from government data resources has the potential to support agency objectives in new and varied ways.

Additionally, fraudsters and cybercriminals are constantly outsmarting the overworked human personnel trying to thwart them. With the everyday bustle of modern government IT departments, it’s difficult for teams to adapt to the changing tactics of nefarious entities attempting to take advantage of systematic weaknesses.

Fortunately, new technology is available to assist these efforts. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are the way forward as the amount of data continues to grow alongside the shifting threat landscape.

This GovLoop e-book explains how AI and ML are applied at the federal level to combat cyberattacks and prevent fraud. The following pages also contain interviews with federal leaders about the use of AI and ML in cybersecurity efforts. Finally, we’ll interview experts who are successfully helping governments implement AI and ML technologies.