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Selling a Generative AI Project Internally to Government Leaders: A Strategic Approach

While generative AI (GenAI) presents a unique opportunity to streamline operations and improve citizen engagement, it’s not a mature technology. How can you overcome internal skepticism and help your leaders consider a practical GenAI project?

AI as Your New Colleague

For decades, science fiction movies stoked fears that “machines will replace people.” With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), the fear moved off the screen and into the workplace. The reality is this fear is largely unfounded, but AI is having a tremendous impact on how we work. 

Unlock the Power of Data and Technology to Strengthen Your Leadership

Data offers insights into trends and patterns and enables us to make predictions. And leaders can use that information to make decisions that impact their teams and organizations.

Federal Employees Will Meet the Challenges of 2023 and Beyond by Augmenting Classic Human Skills Through Artificial Intelligence

Agencies and employees need to sharpen five skills to succeed in 2023 and beyond, including developing stronger written and oral communication abilities and better problem-solving talents. And artificial intelligence will play an increasingly significant role.