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How Cloud is Reinventing Government

This report, How Cloud is Reinventing Government, is your first step to understanding how cloud computing can transform your agency. Across government, agencies are building cloud infrastructures that efficiently and effectively deliver services to citizens and transform the business of government.

Part of our “Innovations That Matter” series, which explores how organizations are maximizing the latest technologies and solutions to transform their organizations, this report will teach you how to identify, customize and build your business case for cloud solutions. Specifically, our report provides:

  • Results from GovLoop’s cloud survey of 230 public-sector professionals.
  • Educational materials on cloud deployment and service models.
  • Cloud implementation case studies from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the states of Texas and Illinois.
  • Insights from the National Institute of Standards and Technology on retaining cloud security.
  • An overview of cloud brokers and the role they play in accelerating cloud adoption.
  • Industry perspectives on how cloud helps government agencies meet missions.
  • Best practices and lessons learned for cloud deployment.
  • A government cloud computing cheat sheet.

GovLoop believes that cloud computing has fundamentally changed the way that government does business. It has revolutionized employees’ ability to access data, software, computing power and collaboration strategies, disrupting the traditional notions of information technology. But with these transformations comes a challenge for the public sector: How can you fully capitalize on the cloud and ensure security to advance your agency’s mission?

Our in-depth look at cloud aims to demystify this technology and help answer that question through cloud case studies, an explanation of a cloud brokerage program, strategies to securely deploy cloud and interviews with leading experts on cloud computing. This report will help you understand how to capitalize on the cloud, accelerate adoption and promote innovation at your agency.

In our research, we’ve also identified many benefits of cloud technology. Although not an exhaustive list, the items below show how powerful cloud can be in overcoming government’s toughest obstacles. Cloud can:

  1. Facilitate data sharing across agencies and with the public.
  2. Create a shared pool of computing resources.
  3. Provide on-demand access to computing power, storage and software based on end user needs.
  4. Promote green technology initiatives.
  5. Improve the efficiency of government services.
  6. Allow trends such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and telework to be broadly adopted.
  7. Enable big data, mobile, geographic information systems (GIS) and related technology programs.
  8. Improve the efficiency and productivity of government employees.

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg of what cloud can do for your agency. But it all starts with identifying a clear organizational problem and then mapping to the right kind of cloud offering. By obtaining foundational knowledge and using it to inform your purchasing decisions, you’ll set your agency on the right course toward cloud adoption.

We can’t stress it enough: Cloud is a game changer and enabling emerging technology.

Is your agency ready?

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