How Multimodal IT Helps the Public Sector With Agility & Stability

Multimodal technologies can help your agency solve the paradox of achieving both stability and agility. And there are solutions available to help your agency manage the transition from legacy to newer, agile technologies.

Red Hat and GovLoop have partnered for this research brief to help you understand more. In this research brief, we will:

• Define multimodal IT, and guide you through the essentials of adopting it

• Speak with Adam Clater, Office of the Chief Technologist, North America Public Sector at Red Hat, about why and how public organizations are looking toward multi-modal IT solutions – like adopting cloud-based and open-source technologies – to modernize their technological processes

• Share results from a recent GovLoop survey about multimodal IT and identify and address common misconceptions, concerns and trends regarding moving agency data servers to open-source, cloud-based platforms

• Walk through a case study examining the U.S. Army acceleration of technological performance using Red Hat services

Most importantly, we’ll offer advice on initiating the change to open-source solutions in your organization, and show why Red Hat is one of the leaders is helping public-sector organizations achieve both maximum stability and dexterous agility throughout every aspect of their agency’s unique IT enterprise.