How Proper Authentication Can Enable Government to Be Productive and Secure

Distributed denial-of-service attacks, zero-day attacks, email phishing scams, Trojans – there is no shortage of ways adversaries can wreak havoc on government networks and computer systems. Nor is there any shortage of ways that the bad guys can gain entrance to these systems, especially as new access points continuously emerge. In this environment, up-to-date, top-of-the-line security is a must.

IT managers must have a two-pronged goal: protecting information and keeping employees productive. This means securely providing access to critical data wherever it is by employees wherever they are. That word “secure” means that two-factor and multifactor authentication might not be enough.

To figure out how to manage this issue, GovLoop partnered with Symantec and TVAR for this industry perspective. In this resource, we ask Kevin McPeak, a Symantec Security and Mobility Architect, how government can be both secure and productive.

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