Hybrid Cloud: The Gateway to More Modern IT Infrastructure in DoD

The gap between the Defense Department’s (DoD) current and future state is where both challenges and opportunities exist.

Today, “different DoD components manage many of the department’s networks, data centers and clouds,” according to a Pentagon news release. “Consolidating these disparate efforts at the enterprise level will enable the CIO to provide greater security and ensure greater reliability of the department’s digital infrastructure, while achieving cost savings.”

Having the right tools, capabilities and culture to get the job done is the key. Pentagon officials must consider which solutions enable them to consolidate their workloads without cutting off resources and stifling application performance.

For federal agencies, particularly DoD, enterprise-scale hybrid cloud fits that bill. By investing in hybrid cloud, the department can more easily converge its services and operations between multiple clouds, including public and private offerings.

In this report, GovLoop partnered with NetApp, a data management company that specializes in hybrid cloud, to explain the value and benefits of investing in this next-generation solution for DoD. We gained insights from Rob Gordon, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Office of Technology and Strategy, Cloud Infrastructure Business Unit at NetApp, who shares how DoD can avoid the pitfalls that some early cloud adopters faced and how hybrid cloud infrastructure can integrate with its current and future solutions.