Important Weapon in the Cyber War: SecureView MILS Workstation

Cyber threats are rising rapidly and government needs an alternative, secure solution to the present operating environment where multiple machines are required for multiple types of information. This Industry Perspective explains the robust, unparalleled advantages of SecureView, a low-cost, MILS (Multiple Independent Levels of Security) workstation with accredited cross-domain security developed in close collaboration between the Air Force Research Laboratory, Intel and Citrix.

Specifically, this Industry Perspective discusses how SecureView:

  • Runs on any Intel vPro personal computer
  • Features a ‘Type 1’ client hypervisor (Citrix XenClient XT),
  • Allows a single computer to host multiple guest virtual machines at different classification levels, and
  • Supports Windows, Linux, and Solaris as well as both rich and thin client computing models.

Moreover, this report explains the unique SecureView 2.0 Support provided by Dell, which includes factory integration, onsite deployment services and accreditation support that saves government critical time and dollars to remain several steps ahead of cyber intruders.


Could you use these types of workstations in your agency?




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