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How GIS Influences Our Daily Lives

Today at GovLoop we are announcing the release of an interactive infographic that shows the power of GIS in our daily lives. GIS continues to play an important role in our daily lives, and is transforming the way decision makers arrive and make informed decisions to improve citizen lives across the country.

If you are a GIS professional, be sure to explore the infographic, and also check out one of GovLoop’s recent reports, Identifying the Promise of GIS for Government.

With that, GovLoop welcomes you to Anytown, USA. By clicking the image below, you will be able to head over to Anytown, USA. By visiting the city, you will find dozens of case studies showing how the city has leveraged GIS in their community. If you’re unfamiliar with Anytown, USA, it’s where the cool breeze blows through the screen doors and the azaleas always bloom – to learn more, be sure to explore the interactive infographic (NOTE – Depending on the speed of your internet connection, graphic may take a few seconds to load. Trust us, it’s worth the wait). 


GIS powers a lot of what we do on a day to day basis, this is especially true in Anytown USA. After launching the infographic, on the city’s map you’ll see some orange circles – these are our hotspots that show how Anytown USA uses GIS. Be sure to click the hotspot to find more information about Anytown USA and some great GIS case studies. Zoom in and explore the city to reveal even more hotspots with additional innovative and everyday uses of GIS.

To navigate the interactive map, simply use the control panel at the bottom of the infographic viewer. You can also use your mouse – just use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out, and then click and drag to navigate around the screen. Additionally, the infographic and all of its interactive features are optimized for viewing on your smartphone or tablet!

If you need any more information about Anytown USA, be sure to send a note to the city’s representatives. For more information on content and case studies, please feel free to shoot me a note ([email protected]) and for any technology and design questions, please contact Jeff Ribeira ([email protected])

Above all, enjoy your stay at ANYTOWN USA!



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