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How You Can Excel With Community Planning

As state and local government employees, you face some tough IT obstacles. You have to build digital solutions to meet constituent demand, and design IT systems and architectures to support new services – all in an environment of tight budgets and limited staff. But by conquering these challenges, you can improve the community planning andRead… Read more »

In Case You Missed It: Making the Case for ECM [Infographics]

This year, GovLoop and Hyland set out to create a series of infographics highlighting the power of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in government. Along with our blog posts, these infographics show how ECM is transforming the way government does business. Below I’ve provided a quick synopsis of each, and be sure to click the linkRead… Read more »

Free Webinar: How to Share Great Images on Social Media

We’re hosting a free webinar this Thursday, Aug 8, 2013 at 2:00 PM EDT. Register now. In the hour-long webinar, we’ll explain why images and infographics are so important on social media, show examples of great communication via imagery, and – most importantly – explain why some images perform better than others. We’ll also leaveRead… Read more »

Jazz up text with graphics to capture the reader’s attention

By Kristie Bauer, Graphics & Marketing Specialist, GovDelivery One small change can make the difference between your digital communications getting read or ignored. And it’s an easy change to make. Simply add graphics to your text and you’ll get more traffic, increased readership, and better search engine optimization (SEO). The increases can be quite dramatic.Read… Read more »

New Report Details Data Visualization in Government

A new report explores the topic of data visualization and its use by the federal government. Appropriately titled “The Use of Data Visualization in Government,” the report details how agencies are turning data into infographics and how government managers can use a slew of tools to help tell their agencies’ stories in a way thatRead… Read more »