The Internet of Things: Challenges & Opportunities in Government

Through the integration of computers, sensors and networking in physical devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) fuses the physical and digital worlds to develop new capabilities and services, which in turn create new jobs, businesses and opportunities. IoT is, after many years of development and pilot programs, starting to truly take off in the public sector.

The technology is creating opportunities in everything from public transportation to workplace automation to public safety efforts. But even as IoT programs expand across government, the public sector faces some very real challenges in deploying this new technology.

Until government is able to address and overcome these challenges, the adoption of IoT may remain limited within the public sector. That’s why we’ve created this new GovLoop guide, The Internet of Things: Opportunities and Challenges in Government.

We’ll explain those challenges, help government understand why they are occurring and talk to government experts about the best ways to break through obstacles to realize the full potential and promise of the Internet of Things. Additionally, we’ll detail the main challenges facing the government in the use of IoT and offer up solutions for overcoming them.