The Joint Information Environment: The IT Framework for the Future

In December of 2012 the Department of Defense (DoD) developed the Joint Information Environment (JIE) framework. JIE is an ambitious multi-year effort designed to realign, restructure and modernize the Department’s information technology networks. The JIE framework will change the way DoD networks are constructed, operated and defended. Since JIE is not a program of record, it is often hard to conceptualize the program. Simply put, the ultimate goal of the JIE is to converge all the communications, computing and enterprise services into single platform that can be leveraged for all DoD missions. The primary goals of the JIE is:

  • Remove barriers to information sharing.
  • Promote collaboration and interoperability across the DoD and mission partners.
  • Enhance DoD security against cyber threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Simplify DoD IT infrastructure.

JIE is the DoD’s attempt to remove barriers to sharing information and collaboration, all while reducing the cyber threat landscape. To put the complexity of JIE in perspective, consider some insights from the DoD report, “The Department of Defense Strategy for Operating in Cyber,” which shares that the DoD operates over 15,000 networks and seven million computing devices. Additionally, a recent DoD factsheet notes that the DoD’s IT environment must credential and connect 3.7 million people working inside and outside of the department. This includes active duty personnel, reserves, National Guard and civilian and contractor support for base personnel.

These statistics only scrape the surface of the complexity of the DoD’s work to deploy the JIE framework. Although JIE is a complex undertaking, it is critical for our nation to retain a strategic edge on the battlefield. This guide will provide you with the insights and knowledge you need to know to help deploy the JIE. Specifically we’ll cover:

  • The DoD vision for the JIE framework.
  • The workforce challenges for the initiative.
  • Insights on the technical and policy challenges.
  • Strategies to acquire the proper technology solutions.
  • Next steps and future implications of JIE.

With emerging technology, today we have the opportunity to encourage collaboration, and provide information quickly and accurately to those who need it, and keep it out of the hands of enemies. Many strides have been made to create the necessary IT infrastructure to support the demanded agility, but the work still continues. JIE is a step in the right direction, and will transform how the DoD operates. Our guide will explore how.


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