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Leveraging High-Volume Data to Improve Population Health

Data is the lifeblood of healthcare and the foundation for population health management (PHM) initiatives. Data integrated from an expanding array of sources – electronic health records, insurance claims, pharmacy records, IoT, AI and emerging areas in genomic sequencing and social determinants of health – brings new opportunities to prevent and treat chronic conditions, and to provide cost savings for healthcare providers and their patients. But this massive amount of data also presents complex challenges. Many of today’s healthcare technologies are unable to manage the vast amount of information that new data sets provide, and the difficulties of maintaining security around personal health information persist.

To learn more about how a hybrid cloud approach helps healthcare organizations retain ownership, control their data and demonstrate compliance, GovLoop partnered with NetApp, a leader in hybrid cloud solutions, for this market trends report. In the following pages, we’ll examine the explosion in population health data, identify best practices for how it can be managed in a hybrid cloud and see how the Health Resources and Services Administration is using data to drive outcomes. Paul Smith, Healthcare Strategy Leader at NetApp, will share his insights on the present and future of IT-enabled population health management.