Unlocking the Power of Government Analytics

GovLoop’s latest report,Unlocking the Power of Government Analytics, provides an overview of government analytics, identifies leading case studies, and integrates the results of a recent GovLoop survey from 280 members of the GovLoop community. Further, this report provides ten steps to leverage analytics within a government agency. This report includes expert interviews from:

  • John Landwehr, Vice President of Digital Government Solutions, Adobe
  • Nils Engel, Solutions Engineer, Adobe
  • Karen Danczak-Lyons, Library Director, City of Evanston
  • Beth Blauer, former Maryland StateStat Director
  • Staff members from Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services

The case studies highlighted in this report identify strategies for agencies to identify cost saving measures, improve performance and efficiency, and develop new strategies to enhance customer service through analytics. Undoubtedly, analytics is transforming the way government operates and delivers services to customers. At all levels of government, agencies are now challenged to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and implement innovative measures to meet the complex needs of an agency.

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On a day-to-day basis, government agencies collect, create, store and manage large volumes of data. Whether the data is from transactions online, visits to web pages, interactions on social media, government agencies are creating enormous volumes of data daily. Likewise, the data collected is either in structured and unstructured formats, which makes extracting knowledge a challenge. In some cases, decision makers do not have access or the right data infrastructure to support improved decision-making through analytics.Government is challenged to unlock the power of government analytics, and this report provides agencies the strategies and best practices to begin to transform their agency through analytics.

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